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Tue, Aug. 16th, 2005, 03:51 pm
ali213_2: MST: Still Broken

Hey people! So Jo (shout out!) sent this little story into Cari, who passed it onto me cause it was clearly in need of a make-over and she knew I’d been looking for a story for a while. (I started reading a Chris/Brooke fic which I thought might work, but then it was actually pretty well written and I had to stop because I could sense myself becoming a shipper…just kidding, but still, it was a close one ; )
So I did this today, it’s Brooke, Lucas and Peyton talking about the story, and about other stuff too actually, I kind of drift of the point sometimes and it all gets a little surreal. Anyhoo I hope it’s all funny!

Still Broken

Tim has never really dealt with this before.

Brooke: Alright, bets in: what’s he going through?

Peyton: It’s gotta be some kind of addiction.

Brooke: No that’s you, crackwhore.

Peyton: Oh yeah, woops.

Lucas: Maybe his mom died.

Peyton: Does Tim even have any family?

Lucas: Yeah, my mom met his mom, they went to school together.

Brooke: That was his step-mom, pay attention Broody.

Lucas: Oh yeah…well maybe his step-mom died.

Peyton: Or maybe, he just found out she’s not actually his step-mom, she’s his real mom, who never actually died.

Brooke: That’s you again! And whoever said his mom died?

Peyton: (shrugging) Lucas?

Brooke: He’s obviously going through a hard time because he’s confused about his sexuality.

Peyton: Tim?! Yeah, right. He hits on anything with boobs.

Nathan keeps drinking.

Lucas: Oh, so it’s Nathan who has the addiction.

Brooke: Well duh, we knew that. Remember? He crashed a car last season, he’s obviously a raging alcoholic.

Peyton: He wasn’t drunk then.

Lucas: Fine, but he almost crashed another when he was drunk. I should know, I was there.

Brooke: Aw baby, were you scared?

Lucas: There’s no need to be patronising.

Brooke: I wasn’t!

“Man, don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Tim asks gently.

Brooke: Since when did Tim ever say anything gently?

He has seen Nathan drink before, and he always knows that it’s Nathan’s way of forgetting. But now, it’s gone on far too long…

Peyton: Ooh, dot dot dot – it must have been a really long time.

Brooke: Actually Peyt you can’t comment on the ellipses –

Lucas: how do you know that word?

Brooke: I do listen in enlgish occasionally Broody. What was I saying? Oh yeah, you can’t comment on the dot thingies Peyt cos Ali uses those the whole time in her writing, so that’s really hypocritical.

Lucas: Oh my god yeah, I’m constantly trailing of at the end of sentences.

Brooke: You’d think we were really stupid! Like we can never think what to say.

Peyton: Well you do deal with a lot in her fics, it must be hard to get your head straight sometimes.

Brooke: (shrugs) I guess.

Lucas: Anyway, on with the story. Nathan was drunk…

“Hell, no.” Nathan slurs. “I’m just getting started.” He pours half a glass of vodka into hisglass cupand

Brooke: A glass cup?

Lucas: I think that would be a ‘tumbler’.

Brooke: A what now?

Peyton: What’s hisglass anyway? Is he such an alcoholic that he’s that possessive of his glass?

then fills the rest with Coke. He drinks a rather large gulp.

Brooke: Not an actual large one.

“Am I that hard to love?” He asks.

Lucas: Oh god.

Brooke: It’s a good thing Nathan isn’t here, drunken speeches are always so cringing.

Lucas: Isn’t it cringe-worthy?

Brooke: I have no idea, I’m still cringing about the fact I just used that word. (shudders)

Lucas: What’s wrong with it? Cringing. (shrugs)

Brooke: …I don’t know…it just sounds wrong coming out of my mouth.

Lucas: Maybe it’s cause it’s an English word you’d never use.

Brooke: That might be it, but then I don’t know, I’m not British.

Peyton: (looks between them) You guys are so weird.

Tim finishes the can of Coke. “No.”

“Who loves me, really? My parents think I’m the worst mistake ever, Lucas, man, Lucas is being Lucas and not even giving a damn about me anymore.”

Lucas: Hey!

Brooke: Since when is ‘being Lucas’ not giving a damn about anybody?

Peyton: I would say you were very caring in general. Although, you haven’t exactly been the best friend to me this past season.

Lucas: I hugged you at the end! That was nice. And anyway, I was really busy, with the whole Brooke thing, and then my Dad being a jackass, and my best friend running away and –

Peyton: It’s really fine Luke, I was kidding.

Brooke: See, he’s really caring!

Lucas: Yeah! Listen to the girl.

Tim goes over to the fridge and makes sure there is no more visible alcohol. He finds a can of beer and subtlety slips it into his backpack, which is on the kitchen island.

Brooke: So he’s just stealing his beer? Some kind of friend he is.

Peyton: No Brooke, he’s saving Nathan from himself.

Brooke: Oh! Right…

Nathan finishes his glass of Coke and vodka. “I love everybody; why can’t they love me back?” Nathan throws the glass down onto the ground.

Brooke: Aw, he loves me?

Peyton: That’s so cute, he loves me.

Brooke: Well obviously he loves you, he tickled you for crying out loud. Jeez why do you think the Romantics went into depression over that scene?

(Peyton laughs and Brooke shakes her head) Brooke: I’m serious Peyt, you’d better lock your door at night, they’re after you!

It shatters,

Lucas: Well that’s what happens when you throw glass.

and Tim screams,

Peyton: In my head I hear that like a girl’s scream.

“Nathan, what the fuck is wrong with you!” He runs over and examines the shards of glass scattered around the ground. He bends down to start picking it up, putting the broken pieces into his palm.

Brooke: You’d think a trashcan would be better but whatever floats your boat.

Peyton: No cause then Nathan might find it and slash his wrists.

Nathan stares at the glass. “I don’t know.” He starts to sob.

Lucas: Oh god, sobbing? Jesus get this guy some testosterone.

Brooke (coughs)The Notebook(coughs)

Lucas: Two tears! Okay! That is not sobbing.

(Brooke and Peyton laugh for a long time. Lucas does not look amused.)

“Tim, I’m messed up.” He collapses onto the couch, and Tim doesn’t know what to do. He reaches over and awkwardlypats

Lucas: I think we should remind this writer about the space button.

Peyton: Yeah. (Loudly) It’s in the middle of the keyboard, near the bottom!

Brooke: …Er, Peyt? She can’t hear you.

Nathan’s head with his free hand. Tim lifts himself on the couch and settles his body next to his best friend's, feelingNathan's tears soak into his tee-shirt. “You’re the only person I have.”

Peyton: You know, I’m starting to think Brooke’s bet wasn’t so crazy…

“That’s not true-”

“Yeah, it is.” Nathan pulls away. He sniffles

Peyton: Aw, that is so cute! I wanna hear Nate sniffle!

and wipes his eyes. “I’m sorry about your shirt. God, I gotta puke.” He calmly walks away, and goes into the bathroom.

Brooke: Okay, I don’t know about any of you, but when I have to puke, I’m not calm!

Tim stares at the broken glass as he hears retching. Nathan starts sobbing again.

Lucas: Not again! Can’t he at least just cry?

Tim does the only thing he can. He goes into the bathroom.

Brooke: Now see that’s not strictly true; that’s not the only thing he could do.

Peyton: But he has to help his friend, so morally, it is.

Brooke: No. He could go and get Haley, that would help his friend, and end the worrying path this story is going along.

Nathan is collapsed on the ground, leaning against the toilet bowl, shaking. His hands are cupped together, holding water from the sink, in a makeshift cup

Lucas: Okay firstly, I’m just gonna put a full stop in there –

Brooke: (giggles) With your magic typewriter?

Lucas: (gives her a look and continues) and secondly, that’s just going to get water everywhere.

Peyton: Yeah, that’s why they make real cups, because your hands just aren’t fit for the job.

Brooke: (dryly) This is gonna get wet and wild…

“Dude…” He trails.

Lucas: … just trails? Doesn’t…get anywhere?
“I love you, you know that. We're best friends, dude.” Tim says.

Peyton: (turns to Brooke seriously) Brooke, I love you, we’re best friends.

Brooke: (fakes a sob) I love you too Peyton! (The two girls hug, then break apart and Brooke mimes sticking her finger down her throat) Vomit.

Nathan looks up, silently, and Tim comes to sit on the floor with him.

“Yeah?” Nathan smiles, wiping his wet hands on his jeans.

Lucas: What happened to the water?

Brooke: He probably drank it like everything else.


Tim doesn’t know why Nathan’s approval makes his heart flutter. He moves his face in closer and Nathan isn’t pulling back. Nathan can practically feel Tim’s breath on his face. Their lips meet. Tim ends the kiss.

Brooke: That was short. Oh and you guys owe me money.

(Lucas and Peyton grudgingly hand her some bills.)

“Oh, shit, Nathan…” Tim wonders if he himself is gay and if Nathan feels the same way about him. “I’m sorry.” He stands up and says, “I’ll see you around, okay?” Tim turns to leave, but Nathan’s voice stops him.

“Don’t do this, Tim.” Nathan pleads.

Peyton: So Nathan’s gay?

Brooke: Bad luck Peyt.

Peyton: I’m not into him!

Brooke: Yeah, tell it to the judge.

Tim whips around. “I’m…I’m not gay.”

Brooke: Yeah right.

“Then why did you do it?” Nathan stands up too and leans against the counter.

“I don’t know.” Tim confesses.

Nathan looks at Tim, who has always been the boy in their relationship.

Lucas: Aren’t they both boys? Or is Nathan getting a sex change now too?

The immature one.Nathan, on the other hand, was always the man, the serious one.

Lucas: Oh I see, not a boy, a man. Of course…

And now...it was like Tim was becoming a man or something.

Peyton: Or something.

“Thanks.” Nathan whispers softly.

Tim seems surprised. “For what?”

Brooke: Yeah for what? I thought he just broke Nathan’s heart.

Peyton: Haley already did that.

Brooke: And don’t forget you Pey.

Peyton: Would you shut up!

“Being here. I know I’m tough to be with…but God, Tim, why does everybody leave?”

“I’m not leaving.” Tim says. Nathan breathes out a stream of air. “We’re best friends, Nate,” he repeats.
Nathan kisses Tim again. He is desperate for attention that Haley doesn’t give him.

Brooke: So he turns to Tim! Hello! Peyton’s right here Nate!

Peyton: Brooke!

Brooke: Well while Jake’s away…

Peyton: (rolls her eyes) You’re incorrigible.

Brooke: Well I gotta have someone to keep you away from Broody! I’m in California for the summer!

Peyton: Did you not watch the promo? Jeez you’re behind the times Brooke, I think you and Lucas are pretty safe.

Tim doesn’t move too fast. He knows that Nathan is fragile, and he is still recovering from his wife leaving him. Tim lets Nathan make the moves, and he mimics them.

Lucas: Making out 101.

The phone rings.

Nathan tears away from Tim and rushes to the phone.

It is the first time in two months that Haley has called.

Lucas: How does he now it’s Haley?

Brooke: Maybe he has ESP, or SPN or whatever it’s called…I’ve been confused about that since Mean Girls.

Slowly, Tim walks out of the bathroom after opening his palm and disposing of the glass from Nathan’s cup that was still clutched in his fist.

Peyton: That’s gotta hurt.

Nathan sounds happy on the phone. All the traces of his anger have vanished. He is talking like he loves Haley, like he wants to be with her. He is laughing now!

Brooke: Oh wow! And the fairies have come out to play and a magical rainbow spreads over the house!

“I’m leaving.” Tim says, grabbing his backpack with one hand and slinging it on his back. Nathan is torn again, between Tim and Haley.

Peyton: Oh come on, he crashed a car -

Brooke: Almost two.

Peyton: Over Haley, what did he ever do cause of Tim?

Brooke: I dunno. But they are best friends.

“Hold on.” Nathan says to Haley, and then sets the phone down, walking over to him. “Tim, don’t leave…”

Tim shrugs. “Nate, c’mon, man. Get serious. You’re not gay. I’m certainly not gay. Um, so, yeah, I’ll…” He continues rambling, and Nathan kisses him.

Lucas: Would he just stop doing that!

Brooke: You’d better watch it around Nathan now Broody, I mean I know you’re his brother and all but if he’ll kiss Tim…

Lucas: EW! Brooke that was really uncalled for.

Brooke: So was you saying ‘ew’…

Nathan goes back to the phone. “Haley, I gotta go…

Peyton: (in Nathan’s voice)…lets just leave working out our incredibly complicated marriage when you’ve just called me for the first time in months so I can quickly sort out which sexuality I am…

okay, yeah, me too,bye.” Nathan hangs up. Tim drops his backpack. “I’m sorry about that. Tim, don’t go…”

“I won’t.”

“Don’t hurt me. I can’t take that again.” Nathan makes his best friend promise the same evening.

Brooke: (confused) What?!

“I swear I won’t.” Tim answers.

Haley comes back two weeks later and Nathan starts avoiding Tim.

Lucas: Thank god: we skipped the relationship.

Brooke: I’m still confused, did they get together, or…?

Peyton: Does it really matter? It’s Nathan and Tim!

I was drunk, man, it didn’t mean anything. That is Nathan’s excuse. Besides, I’m with Haley now.

Tim leaves for college, the screaming, yelling, kissing, and shards of glass cutting his hand in his past.

Lucas: I think there was meant to be something symbolic about the glass.

Peyton: You’re only just getting that?

Lucas: (gives her a look) It wasn’t very clear.

Nathan Scott is hard to love, after all.

Brooke: Since when? Haley managed fine till she ran of with the music perv.

Lucas: Brooke…

Brooke: What? She’s back now, am I not allowed to joke about it yet?

And Tim is still broken.

Peyton: Aw sweetie.

Brooke: Why doesn’t he just go to Theresa? She’s clearly meant to be his girlfriend.

Peyton: I always thought he and Deb made a nice couple.

Lucas: That’s true, especially now her husband is dead.

Brooke: Or is he?

Lucas: Would you just let me believe he is for a little while!?

Brooke: But I mean, do you really want him dead? Examine your inner conscious Broody.

Peyton: This could take a while….


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Tue, Aug. 16th, 2005 04:40 pm (UTC)

hey ali! that was cool! cracking up again! fortunately it's like 6 in the evening around here so my fits of (very loud) laughter weren't reprimanded by my next door member...
i loved the piece about them talking about your stories & the magic typewriter line!! haha...but i was kinda sorry that i didn't see Nathan or Tim MSTing..oh well but i loved the love-triangle thingy and all the references in generaly, about the promo trailer and that all...soo cool...does that mean i should look for more stories now?? lol oh and is everyone allowed to do MST in the community? was just wondering...
oh that made my day now...still laughing...WELL DONE!

Tue, Aug. 16th, 2005 04:53 pm (UTC)

Hey Jo *waves*

Only Ali and I have posting access for stories =) And yes, look for more stories, we love bad stories!

Tue, Aug. 16th, 2005 04:43 pm (UTC)
do_not_confess: forgot something...

oh and well...thanks for shouting out to me lol...

Tue, Aug. 16th, 2005 04:55 pm (UTC)

Ali, you rock, you know that? =) This was excellent, I loved Brooke & Peyton's banter over Peyton & Nathan =)

Thu, Jan. 4th, 2007 09:37 pm (UTC)