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Wed, Jan. 18th, 2006, 11:44 pm

A new MST for your enjoyment!

Someone mentioned MSTs on the Fanforum board the other day and reminded me how much fun these are, so I went back to this group and read Cari’s latest ones, and laughed my ass of, of course, and had to write another. So I went to Fanfiction and sadly found a suitable fic all too quickly…

Unreachable by FalltoPieces05

Description: Brooke's life falls apart.Afraid of her friends getting hurt,Brooke starts to do something dangerous.Lucas notices the signs and tries to help her but she just pushes him away.When things get much worse,Will she ask for Lucas's Help? First OTH story (Does that make me a bad person?)

Haley: Yes!!
Brooke: (looks up from reading a magazine at Haley, who is on the computer) What?
Haley: I’ve found a perfect fic
Brooke: Haley! We agreed not to read anymore! Don’t you remember what it’s like? The horrible grammar, the inconsistent character…the enormous amounts of alcohol it takes to get through damn thing!?
Haley: Yeah I remember, but for some reason it’s horribly addictive…and this one’s perfect because I’m not in it! At least, not the first chapter. And you’re the one whose suffering terribly at the hands of an evil man.
Brooke: (frowning slightly) Hales, that always happens? Did you not watch the first series?
Haley: (rolls eyes, and presses print) whatever, we’re gonna read it.
Brooke: Fine. But you’re paying for the alcohol.

Tears ran down her cheeks, soaking her pillow that she held close to her chest, as she sat on her bed, looking around her bed.
Brooke: Is this me? I bet it’s Lucas’ fault. Ass.
believing this was happening.
Haley: Brooke did you interrupt part of the sentence? … Where’d it go?
How her entire life fell apart so fast. She didn’t know how this happened and why it happened but she was so scared, she didn’t know what to do.
Brooke: Damsel in distress much?
She so badly wanted to tell someone about this, someone who will be there for her, who will hold her, be there for her.
Haley: Jeez, we get the message!
Brooke: We also get the message that this person doesn’t understand the conditional tense.
Haley: Ooh look at you!
Brooke: (smiling smugly) I studied.

But who? Lucas?
Brooke: Oh. I guess it wasn’t him then. (mumbles) Sorry Luke.
Peyton? Would they make all this pain go away? Brooke sighed as she brushed her long brown hair out of her eyes as she got up slowly and looked into the mirror as she picked up her brush and began to brush her hair slowly.
Brooke: WO! Stop…doing so much at once!
Her eyes were puffy and red from crying so much and more tears just kept on streaming down her cheek as she just looked into the mirror. She sighed one more time as she put the brush down and then looked at her arms and all of her bruises that were now all over her arms.
Brooke: Oh no.

Nathan: (Entering) Hey guys, what’s up? (stops suddenly) What’re you guys doing…
Haley: It’s not what it looks like!
Nathan: What did we agree about those stories!? I’m sick of being portrayed as some pathetic loser
Brooke: (Looking over the back of the couch) Um, Nate honey? Mid season two?
Nathan: (glaring at her) Shut up.

She knew that if she told anyone, it would just get worse. How did she get into such relationship in the first place?
Nathan: (sitting down) So you’re getting beaten up, huh? Tough break Brooke.
Brooke: It’s worrying how quickly you worked that out…

He seemed so sweet and nice for first few months that she dated him but then he started get so aggressive towards her.
Haley: Maybe he had issues about incorrect grammar. (Brooke gives her a weird look) What? It gets my blood up.
Brooke took a deep breath as she wiped away her tears.Remebinring how all this have started, even remembering, hurt so much. Inside and Outside. She remembered it as if it happened yesterday.
Brooke: Hales, you wanna take that one?
Haley: Sure. First off, it needs a space, then I can only just recognise that word as ‘remembering’; pluperfect people; I don’t know where that capital letter came from, and yes, repetition can sometimes be effective, but not that much!
Brooke: (nodding) Nice work.
Haley: (standing up) I need a drink.

Earlier that week
Brooke and Sam have been together for over 4 months now and they couldn’t be happier. He always took her places and treated her so special,
Brooke: Okay I know North Carolina’s pretty far south, but come on people!
just thinking about him made her smile, she never thought that she would feel so happy after how Lucas hurt her the year before. Tonight, they were going out again and Brooke couldn’t wait, she never been happier. Brooke just got ready as the doorbell rang as she practically ran towards the door. “I got it!” Brooke said happily
Brooke: Does this author think we’re really dumb or something? We get it! I’m happy!
as she opened the door and there she saw Matt with flowers
Haley: Wasn’t he called Sam? Or is Brooke being a bad girl?
Brooke: I would never do that! And you’re one to talk –
Haley: Not the time Brooke.
Brooke: Fine. I’m just saying…
(Haley glances at Nathan)
Brooke: I don’t know what you’re looking so apologetic for, he almost kissed your sister.
Nathan: Okay, time to get on with the story? I think so.

as she smiled at him as she gave him a kiss.” Thank you so much, they are beautiful!” Brooke told him as she let him in as she put them in the water and then came out, back into a living room.
Brooke: Again with the doing everything at once! I’m not Mr Fantastic!
Haley: What?
Brooke: You know, with the stretchy arms and stuff…did you not see ‘The Fantastic Four’?
Haley: (trying not to laugh) Um, no.
Brooke: Why not!? Hello! Christian from Nip/Tuck?
Nathan: It had Jessica Alba too.
Haley: (gives him a withering look)
Nathan: Oh come on! You saw ‘Sin City’!

“You ready?” he asked her
“Yes” She replied as she smiled as she took his arm as they headed off towards Sam’s car as he opened the door as she got in, smiling at him.
Brooke: It’s just not even funny anymore.
Haley: Maybe she doesn’t know any other conjunctions?

Sam and Brooke ended up going to movies again, that’s where they went to most of the time,. They went Toward’s
Nathan: I know what you’re going to say Hales! And how about we leave off criticising the grammar and spelling?
Haley: But –
Nathan: I know that’s very hard for you, but for the sake of our sanity…

Sam’s car, holding hands as Brooke looked up and smiled at Sam but for some reason, he didn’t smile back but she didn’t think anything of it, just thought that he was tired.. We got into the car as Sam looked at me once again and smiled.
Brooke: Oh. When did we go into first person?
“Let’s go to my house. My parents are not home, they coming home really late” He told me as I looked at him, knowing what he probably wanted, but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do this now.
Nathan: Wait a second…Brooke’s not up for sex!?
Brooke: (hits him) Jerk!

“Maybe another time. I am tired” Brooke told him and then she saw him look at her angrily as he grabbed her arm.” Sam! What are you doing?” Brooke asked him, never seeing him like this and it was kind of scaring her little.
“You just think of yourself don’t you? You don’t give a damn about what I want!” Sam screamed at her.
Brooke: Yes, that is what I do. How stupid of me to believe that in the 21st century a woman’s opinion mattered. Please forgive me and rape me.
Haley: There’s no need to be sarcastic, the writer’s just portraying him as a mindless pig to make his actions believable.
Brooke: Oh I wasn’t being sarcastic. I meant that’s what I should have said to avoid what’s coming next.

Brooke looked at him, little taken aback by his behavior, she had never seen him act as angry as he was acting now and why was he so angry anyways? Just because she said No? Why would that make him this mad?
Brooke: Well I am pretty fine…

Brooke looked at Sam and realized that his face was flushing with anger and his eyes were so wide, so angry, it was beginning to really scare her.
“What? No of course not. You know that I care about you Sam? Why are you so mad?” Brooke asked him but he just looked at her, not saying anything at first, just looking at her with anger in his eyes.
“Don’t give me that! You always want everyone to do what you want to do but when they want to do something, you act like a complete brat!” Sam screamed and the next thing she knew, before she even had a chance to answer, he hit her across the face, really hard. Brooke was shocked as she felt a sharp pain go through her face and she felt as if her entire face was on fire. She backed away from him, leaning against her seat and not making any eye contact with him for a while, she just sat there, trying to figure out what a hell happened and why it happened. Why did he do it? Just because she said she didn’t want to go to his house? Now she really didn’t want to be alone with him. She just wanted to go home. She sighed as she turned and looked at him.

Brooke: I’m so bored…where’s Lucas?
Haley: Just wait a little longer, we’ve got a knight in shining armour moment coming up…
Brooke: No I meant real Lucas, I want him to entertain me.

“I…want to go home Samuel”
Nathan: (laughing) Samuel? Doesn’t strike me as a wife beater name…
She told him in shaky voice, hoping he won’t hit her again. Please don’t let him hit me again. He just looked at her and then started an engine
Haley: An engine? That was just lying around?
as he practically sped off.
Brooke: So he didn’t actually speed off.
Haley: Well it’s quite hard to go all that fast when you’re just sitting on an engine.</font>
The whole ride home was completely silent and once in while, Brooke kept looking over Sam, still trying to figure out why he hit her. Did she do something wrong?
“Stop staring at me!” He screamed as he grabbed her hand, she tried to break free but he was too strong as they finally came towards her door as Sam parked on side of the road, and then looked at her, still holding her hand.
“Sam! Let me go! You are hurting me! Why are you doing this?” Brooke asked him through tears.
Brooke: Oh god, now I’m going to go into a downward spiral of depression because I’m going to think I did something wrong and that’s why he hit me, blah blah blah.
Haley: Well you do have self esteem issues.
Brooke: (glares at her)

“Because I am tired of your crap and stop you’re crying! It’s not going help you!” He screamed at her. “You listen to me and you listen good! I am not going repeat it twice, you got it?” he screamed at her, but she avoided eyes contact, she couldn’t even look at his angry face, it scared her., reminded her of what he did.
Brooke: What did he do again? I forgot.
“Look and listen to me!” He screamed as he sguessed her arm harder as she winced in pain as she looked at him in tears.
“I am… sorry. I am listing”
Haley: It’s like some crazy game of charades. He’s guessing your arm, and you’re listing…no maybe it’s like ‘scattergories’ or something…
Brooke: Yeah cause it sure sounds like we’re having a ball, Hales.

“You better be! You better not tell anyone about this! Not even your best friend Peyton,
Brooke: Peyton! She can come and entertain me!
Haley & Nathan: Oh, fine.
because if you do, you wish you haven’t. I promise you this! Anyone you will tell, they will wish they never knew!”
“You stay away from my friends! They have nothing to do this!” Brooke screamed, afraid of what might happen to them.
Nathan: Yeah, you’re friends really do having nothing to do, cause we’re all sitting around here reading this stuff.

“If you keep your mouth shut then you have nothing to worry about. One more thing, if you even think about breaking up with me, you are going get hurt much worse then you did tonight, you got that?” Sam asked her and he seemed really furious with her, she couldn’t understand why he was acting like this but was way too scared to ask, all she wanted to do was get home and get the hell away from him.
“Yes Sam I got it. Can I go now?” She asked him as he let her arm go and looked at her.
Brooke: (laughing) I sound like a petulant child!
“Go. Get out” He told her as she practically ran out of the car and almost fell but managed to keep her balance. She came towards her door and saw Sam sped off in his car, she got out her keys and tried to open the door but her hands kept shaking as she dropped the key as she leaned against the door for a while, trying to calm down some. She finally took a deep breath as she picked up her keys and managed to open the door.
Brooke ran in her room and started to cry, she couldn’t hold it inside anymore as she looked in mirror and saw huge bruise appearing on her face and then looked at her arm, which was blue from when he held it. She just couldn’t understand why he was doing this. Didn’t he love her?
Brooke: Oh my god, I thought he loved me? God I really do have crappy judgement.
Nathan: Yeah. (coughing) Chris!

Brooke sighed, just remembering made shivers go down her body. This is how it all began and ever since then, Sam has been hurting her, whenever she didn’t want do what he wanted to do, she had no choice but to agree with him, she was too scared to disagree with him. She made her way towards her bed as she leaned against a pillow as she came across a picture of her and the gang.

Brooke: It’s so great how I always just have pictures lying around everywhere in my room in stories, just ready for the moment when I need a heartfelt retrospective.
Haley: Well it’s a tried and tested device. Come on, they even use it in the show.
Brooke: Yeah, but when do all these pictures get taken? Do you ever see me with a camera? Or dragging Lucas into a photo booth?
Haley: It was pretty crappy how they he did that with Anna.
Brooke: Yeah! So our thing.
Haley: Yeah…you know when I said you were kind of protective the other day? Yeah I take that back, don’t know where I got that idea from!

Would they understand? Would they be available to help her? Could she tell them without Sam finding out? She looked on the other side and saw picture of her and Lucas when they were still together, she picked it up and looked at it as she started to cry, dropping the picture on the bed.

Brooke: See? Just pictures, everywhere!
Haley: (raising eyebrows, and picking up a picture of Brooke and Lucas from the coffee table in their apartment)
Brooke: Fine. So it’s kind of accurate. (Looking at picture) I want Lucas!

Lucas would never hurt her like this, yes he had hurt her last year but not like this. She wanted to be back in his arms, she didn’t care how much he hurt her right now, and she just wanted someone to be with, someone to tell her that everything was going to be allright, someone who could protect her.

Brooke: (pouting) Way to rub it in.
Haley: Brooke, why don’t you just call him?
Brooke: Oh yeah! I keep forgetting I’m with him…it’s hard to keep track.

Brooke however knew that she couldn’t risk Lucas getting hurt. She knew that if she told him, Sam somehow would find out and then Lucas would end up hurt and she didn’t know how badly he could hurt him but she knew what he was capable of. She couldn’t risk it, Lucas was too important to her. She couldn’t risk losing him; she couldn’t risk losing her friends. Maybe she deserved this.
Brooke slowly got up from her bed once again as she made her way towards the bathroom as she closed the door behind her. There she saw her razor that was just laying there, and laying.
Brooke: It was doing what?
Haley: Ew, this is gonna get messy.

She came closer as she brushed her hair away from her face as she picked it up and looked at it as if she was changing her mind. She slowly rolled up her sleeve as she pressed it against her skin, it hurt but it also felt good, it seemed to get rid of all the pain she had inside of her as she watched the blood come out of her arm. She looked at it as she took paper towel and wiped all blood away and wrapped around her arm as she leaned against the wall, knowing she finally found a way deal with her pain.
Brooke: Well that’s just great Brooke. What a mature and healthy way to deal with your pain. Why don’t I just call Lucas, so what if he gets hurt? Jeez he’s not that important!
Haley: (gives her a look) Now Brooke, we talked about not letting the story interfere with –
Brooke: Yeah yeah, okay I take that back.

Hope you enjoyed it! There’s loads more, so if people like this (and I’ll only know if you review ;) then I might do some more.

Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006 01:24 pm (UTC)

Hee, you're back! And just as awesome as ever! Continue, please continue!!


Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006 03:18 pm (UTC)

I love these. I LIVE for these! These are better than the actual show half the time.

Love it! More soon!

Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006 09:39 pm (UTC)
do_not_confess: YAY!

ahhh i missed those msts to crack me up. yeah girls, please do some more...
i will even send you bad stories...
god knows i read enough over there at ff.net...

Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006 09:48 pm (UTC)

Im so glad that there was finally a new one posted on here. I think the whole idea of MST is absolutely hilarious, and I loved this one. Please do another one soon.

Thu, Jan. 26th, 2006 06:23 am (UTC)
whathepho: yayy

i absolutely loveeeee these! i always check back to see if there's any updates and today there was! thanks!

Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 06:39 am (UTC)

I had no idea what this place was about, so i read this...f-ing halarious! it makes me want to do one, but i am (a) too busy and (b) obviously, not the best at grammer and punctation, so I might not have the right skills to properly create one of these lovely, entertaining reads. lol. =D It was so funny! Loved it! Will definitely be reading more in the futre. :)