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Sun, Sep. 11th, 2005, 11:13 pm
ali213_2: MST: Betrayal!

I’m back with another MST, trying to catch up with Cari! The story is called ‘Betrayal’, aren’t you excited already!? …

Betrayal by OTHfan2life8692

“Mrs. Scott, you are pregnant.” the doctor said.
Peyton: Okay bets in, is that gonna be Hales or Brooke?
Haley: Knowing my luck, probably me.
Brooke: It could be you Peyt.
Lucas: But then this story would be a Leyton and we all know my feelings about those.
Brooke: Yes we do.
Jake: Damn straight. I reckon it’s Hales too, because she actually is Mrs Scott.
Brooke: Like that matters, ever heard of future fics Jake?
Nathan: Can we get on with the story? I wanna find out about my baby.
Lucas: Or mine!
Peyton: Ooh maybe it’s Haley’s but Luke’s the father.
Haley and Lucas: EW!
Brooke: Sh come on we wanna find out before someone suggests it’s Anna’s or something…

“IAMWHAT? the words came out in a jumble,
Lucas: Apparently she’s so shocked she forgot how to use speech marks.
“ we always used protection and I am on the pill.”
“Those things are not always effective.
Haley: Especially in fanfics. Seriously the makers of the pill should sue or something, their product is never shown in a could light.
Brooke: I thought it was meant to be like 99% effective?
Peyton: Yeah, it’s just that us three always seem to fall in that 1%…

Now if you want we can print out a picture for you.”
Brooke: That was a fast first trimester.
Haley: (shrugging) She probably didn’t notice for a while.
Brooke: I don’t know about you but I’d like to think I’d notice if I was three months pregnant, I have a pretty flat stomach you know.
Haley: (rolls eyes) Yes we all know!

“Sure whatever”
Peyton: (sarcastically) It’s just a baby, no big deal!
She was pregnant. She could not get over the fact. Brooke Davis-Scott
Haley: Alright! I’m not knocked up!
Brooke: Dammit! And I sound like I’m really cranky too.
Haley: Well you are pregnant.
Brooke: No need to rub it in.

was pregnant. She was gonna have a kid. OH MY GOD!
Lucas: Slightly delayed reaction there Cheery.
What was Lucas going to think.
Lucas: Well at least it’s not a Leyton.
Brooke: (shrugs) I guess that’s something. You know, this might not actually be too bad, if we’re married then I might be quite old, or at least out of high school!
Lucas: Unless we pulled a Naley.
Brooke: It really creeps me out when you call them that.

About and hour later the shock had worn off.
Nathan: What?
Haley: I’m trying to think of a joke to make fun of the typo in that sentence, but nothing’s coming…
Nathan: Huh, you must be losing your touch.
Haley: Dammit!

She was actually used to it.
Brooke: Used to it?! What? Is this like my fifth kid or something?
Lucas: Well you know me…
Brooke: (hits him)

Now all she had to do was tell Lucas. She turned the key in the lock and stepped in.
‘that’s strange’
There were clothes strewn all over their apartment.
Brooke: Oh god! Just as I was starting to get interested in this story you go and become a man whore again! What is wrong with you? (hits Lucas again)
Lucas: Ow! You know I’m not going to sit next to you if you don’t cut that out!

Very suspiciosly
Lucas: Even worse this author can’t spell ‘suspiciously’.
she walked into their room and their
Lucas: Or ‘there’.
on their bed were Lucas and Haley naked
Haley: EW!
Brooke: Oh my god it’s not even Peyton! This is so much worse than I thought.
Nathan: Dude!
Lucas: I know I know, what is wrong with me?

Brooke: Isn’t it weird how people always ask that? I’d think it would be kind of obvious.
Lucas: Well it’s just because you can’t believe what’s going on.
Brooke: Yeah cause you cheating on me is so unbelievable.
Lucas: Low blow!

(Gasp,)( no idea how to write one so..)
Peyton: What the hell was that?
Jake: Yeah if she doesn’t know how to write one she should just leave it out!
Peyton: What’s wrong with “There was a gasp”? Or “They gasped”. (Jake starts to laugh) Okay it sounds crap but it’s better than that!

“Brooke, this isn’t what you think.”
Brooke: I also don’t get why people always say that too, how could it be anything else?
Lucas: Well we were just looking for my keys and then suddenly…

Haley and Lucas looked like kids who just got caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar after their mother said not to.
Haley: Well that’s all just merged into one really disgusting image in my head.
Lucas: Yeah especially since we have been caught stealing cookies, and now it’s all messed up with…ew…damn story!

“Really Luke so you and haley aren’t in OUR bed, with no clothes on.”
“Wow, Brooke you aren’t as stupid as I thought you were.”
Haley: Wo I’m a bitch!
Peyton: Oh yeah there was kind of a warning about that in the author’s note…
Haley: Well thanks for telling me!

“Shut the fuck up haley” Brooke stated,
Brooke: I’m kind of a bitch too.
Peyton: Yes but Brooke, you are a bitch…so…
Brooke: (throws a pillow at her) Anyway, I just found my husband in bed with someone and found out I was pregnant on the same day, so forgive me for being a little snappy!

“So since this isn’t what I “think” it is how about you explain it.’
Few Seconds of Silence
Jake: Those bits are really off putting.
Peyton: It’s kind of like a script…but then not…
Lucas: I think she just couldn’t be bothered to write “There were a”
Brooke: Yeah, too busy perfecting her characterisations and thinking up a really original storyline.
Nathan: Burn!
Brooke: (pouts) She made Lucas cheat on me, I have no sympathy for this author.

“Go on Luke, Im waiting”
Brooke: Yeah, for some correct punctuation.
“Well see, we met up and were hanging out and than were bored……” Lucas’s voice trailed off.
Lucas: Who said anything about being drunk? I said bored.
Brooke: Not helping your case babe.

“Lucas never like you Brooke,
Haley: And I’ve warped into some kind of weird fake Japanese accent…
I was the one he always wanted. You have always been his second choice.”
This was a suprising.
All: (waiting)
Haley: (whispering) A surprising what?

She knew that Haley had always had a thing for her husband but she never had known that the feelings were reciprocated.
“Lucas is this true?”
She didn’t even have to wait for an answer. She could see in it his eyes.
Haley: What?
Lucas: I assume by ‘it’ she means my face, cause I can’t think what else my eyes would be in…
Brooke: Dumbass, you know what she means.
Lucas: Yeah but it’s fun to pretend not to!

Tears were starting to come but she wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of knowing that he had hurt her.
“Bye, Luke and why don’t you go and have sex again. Because after the divorice papers come this stupid gold digging bitch isn’t gonna want you. I am gonna take you for all your worth.”
Lucas: Gold digger? Ooh maybe I’m loaded.
Brooke: You’d better be cause I’m right, you’ve got one hell of a divorce case coming…

With that she turned on her heel and left the apartment. She was not going to tell him that she was pregnant. She didn’t want her child to grow up with a father like that.
Now that she was out of that hell hole the tears came.
Brooke: Is ‘hell hole’ meant to be hyphenated?
Haley: You know I think it’s all one word.
Brooke: Wow, imagine how much people could learn if they looked at spell check…

She couldn’t believe that her Lucas had cheated on her. And with one of her closest friends.
Brooke: Must…resist…reference…to…
Lucas: Don’t say it!

‘UGHHH, that stupid bastard.’
Haley: That’s it, let it all out honey.
Brooke: Shut up ho! …sorry, getting into character…

She thought that he had loved her. but he was pretending.
Haley: You know, if that full stop was a comma that sentence would actually be correct.
Jake: And we couldn’t have that now could we…

The tears would not stop coming. She was outside her car and there she collapsed. And that was how he found her.
Brooke: This had better be someone good…
“Brooke?” he asked, “Whats wrong.”
“He. He. He, cheated on me.” a sobbing Brooke told Nathan.
Brooke: (shrugs) He’ll do.
Nathan: Hey!

(I LUV the idea of brooke and Nathan together so that is why this on in indeed a Brathan)
Peyton: Okay…thanks for letting us know!
Jake: What is the deal with the random author’s notes in the middle? We’re not stupid, if Nathan finds Brooke crying in the street after Lucas has just cheated on her, it’s obviously going to be BN.
Peyton: Also, they would confuse things so much less if they actually made sense.
Tim: (entering) The Tim’s in the house! So what’d I miss?
Nathan: Hey man, what’re you doing here?
Tim: Well I figure if I keep reading these things one of these days I’ll get hooked up with one of these fine ladies. (winks at Brooke)
Brooke: Bad luck Dim, you just missed your shot; Nathan already found me.
Tim: Damn it!
Lucas: So far I’ve slept with Haley, and Brooke’s pregnant.
Tim: Who by?
Lucas: Me!
Tim: Sorry, you gotta check! You never know these days…

“Who? No I mean what.”
“I was coming home from the doctors..” She stopped crying for a second
Haley: But not quite long enough to remember a full stop.
“What? Are you allright?”
Haley: Or how to spell ‘alright’.
“And I walked in on Lucas in bed with Haley” And with that the tears came all over again.
Nathan’s eyes got dangerously closed (I don’t kno how to describe it. its like when you get really mad and your eyes look like they’re closed but they really aren’t.)
Jake: Again with the notes! Jeez!
Peyton: I feel like I know this author a lot better than I want to.
Lucas: And anyway, she’s got it totally wrong. I’m the squinter!

“I’ll kill him. But right now why don’t I take you to my house? Or Peytons?”
Peyton: Ooh there’s two of me?
Lucas: A little eager to get her to your place there Nate, that’s your sister-in-law you’re talking to.
Tim: Wo you guys got married? And I didn’t get invited again!? No one tells me when they go off and get married in high school!
Brooke: In the story dumbass.

Even though him and Brooke weren’t really close he still thought of her as a friend. And he would do anything for his friends.
Brooke: Including sleep with them to help them get over their cheating ass husbands, I’ll bet.
Nathan: But of course.

Brooke didn’t say anything about the I’ll kill him part because well she would have gladly done the same thing if she could have.
Haley: No commas? No, okay…
“I don’t think that you are going to want to deal with my Dan the devil so I am going to take you to Peytons.”
Peyton: You’re Dan the Devil? Is that some kind of stuffed toy you have Nate?
“Okay” sniffled Brooke.
Brooke: Ew I don’t sniffle.
Haley: (raises eyebrows)
Brooke: Okay only if I’m really upset.
Lucas: I just cheated on you, you don’t think you’d be really upset.
Brooke: (shrugs casually) Maybe.

Nathan dropped Brooke off and went to go kill Lucas.
hmmmm should I continue or stop right here? I better continue cause you guys will probably kill me if I stop it.
Jake: No really we won’t, believe me.
Peyton: Who would stop a story there? Nothing’s happened!
Brooke: I’m pregnant and Lucas just cheated on me!
Peyton: Okay so some stuff happened…

Nathan’s POV
I could barely keep my attention on the road as I drove to Lucas’s from Peytons.
Peyton: How come she gets it right with your name! For crying out loud it’s ‘Peyton’s’!
Lucas: And actually she doesn’t really need the second ‘s’ on mine.
Peyton: Now you’re just getting pedantic.

‘That jackass’
One thing that I didn’t get was how he could have done that. And with Haley no less. (I forgot to mention haley was like pre-lucas brooke on the show. she slept with everyone and was known as the slut)
Haley: Sure, just totally reverse my character there, I don’t mind. Why even name her Haley?
Haley: Okay there are just a ton of speech marks in the middle of that!
“What the fuck man, I was sleeping.” Lucas groggily said.
Lucas: Babe haven’t we established that I’m a dick in this story already? What else would I do after my wife walking out on me other than sleep?

Nathan punched him right in the face.
Brooke: Way to go Nate!
Lucas: (pouts at her)

“What the hell man.” Lucas asked
Haley: Yet for some reason without a question mark…
nursing his bloody nose.
“How could you do that to Brooke?”
“I didn’t……” Lucas’s voice trailed off as Nathan punched him again.
Blood spurted everywhere as Nathan’s fist made contact with Lucas’s face again.
Nathan: I should hope so, otherwise it’d be a pretty lousy punch.
Lucas: Blood spurted everywhere? Yeah right like you can punch that hard!
Nathan: You wanna try?
Haley: Boys!

“Lucas I’m going to go…….”Haley entered the room.
“Nathan what are you doing stop…”
Haley tried to pull them apart but obviously she didn’t succeed cause she is tiny and both of them are over 6 ft.
Haley: I’m not that small!
Peyton: (raises her eyebrows) Hales…
Nathan: This author’s obviously never seen her when she’s angry…

They did stop when Nathan saw that Lucas was getting really hurt.
Nathan: Why? I should beat the crap out of him!
“She was still here?”
Jake: Who?
Haley: Me?

“Nate, what the hell?”
“Brooke told me that you have been cheating on her” Nathan was having a really hard time keeping his temper in check, ”How could you do that to her?”
“Listen it was nothing…..”
Haley and Brooke: JERK!
“I am nothing!” Haley screeched. “Well fine if that’s what I mean to you I’m leaving.”
With that she walked out of the apartment.
“Look this hasn’t been going on for a long time just a couple weeks…..”
“Just a couple of weeks?”
Lucas: Yeah sorry that’s what I meant. I forget little words like ‘of’ sometimes, it’s dumb I know…
“Haley came over like a month ago to help me on something and we go to drinking beer and one thing led to another…..” his voice trailed off.
Jake: Does anyone else find it annoying how the number of dots always changes?
Peyton: No sweetie, I think that’s just you.

“Do you love her?”
“Haley?” he asked. “No”
“So you ruined true love for a quick fuck?”
Brooke: Yes.
“You know what you are turning into Dan, Brooke is a great girl and you are a freaking idiot for doing that to her.’
Nathan walked out to.
Jake: (tips head on one side) Is that meant to be ‘too’?
Peyton: Who else walked out?
Haley: I did!
Jake: Oh yeah…

Lucas was left completely alone.
Peyton: Aw, poor baby.
Brooke: No no, not poor baby. Stupid idiot.
Lucas: One time I wanna read a story where I don’t cheat.

“Oh my god, brooke whats wrong?” Peyton opened the door and one look at her best friend and she could see that something major had happened.
Sniff Sniff
Jake: (laughing) Okay that’s just weird!
“Brooke, hey talk to me, what happened”
Brooke stiff didn’t say anything.
Brooke: It sounds like I’m dead!
It was so weird for Peyton to see her like this. Brooke was normally the one that was holding Peyton up, but to see her this depressed. It was horrible.
Peyton: (after a pause) Jake, Haley? Someone want to comment on the punctuation?
Jake: (shrugging) I’m bored of it.
Haley: I’ve lost all will to correct.

“Hey do you want some water?’
Brooke: Water!? Water! Why the hell would I want water!? Peyt when you’re upset I offer you something good! Like ice cream, or tequila!
Brooke just nodded.
Peyton went to the kitchen and got a glass and handed it to Brooke.
Brooke: So not even water then, just a glass, that’s great Peyt!
“Do you want me to call anyone, Lucas?”
“NO!” Brooke practially screamed.
Haley: So tell me Tigger, how do you practially scream?
“Brooke, what happenend?”
The tears had just stopped but they started coming up again.
“Doctor... sniff…baby…sniff sniff .. clothes… lucas…. sniff… haley.. cheater..sniff..figt..gold digger..”
Brooke: I’m even saying ‘sniff’ now?
“Wait what”
Brooke just did the same thing over again.
Peyton this time understood.
Peyton: God I’m smart!
Brooke started bawling now.
“Oh my god, brookie im so sorry” Peyton gave her best friend a hug “Do you want to stay here tonight”
“Unh huh” sniffled Brooke.
Tomarrow Lucas Scott and Haley James were going to get a piece of her mind.
Haley: Tomarrow! Tomarrow! I love ya! Tomarrow!
Nate:…Thanks for that Hales…

“Hold on, Did you just say that you are pregnant?”
Jake: Oh my god! That’s like ten!
The doorbell cut brooke off.
Brooke: Cut the capital B right off my name!
“Wait a sec.”
Peyton went to open the door and in front of her was the person that she least wanted to see now.
There was Haley
Peyton: I thought I wanted to give her a piece of my mind?
Haley: Yeah, and I telepathically heard you so I came over.
Peyton: Really I should be pleased!

He was all alone.
He was lonely and he was injured.
I know I deserved them but still I did not know that Nathan was that good of a fighter.
Haley: Just change into first person, sure why not!
Needless to say I feel like a complete ass.
‘I drove away the one person that I loved more than anything in the whole world’
Brooke: Aw sweetie!
Lucas: I thought I didn’t care about you?
Peyton: Maybe you had a revelation.
Jake: A little late there…

I mentally kicked myself.
I can still remember the day that Brooke and I got married.
Seriously he was surprised that there weren’t great big sweat spots underneath his arms.
All: EW!
‘oh’breath breath. Wheeew heeee. Wheee heee( I don’t know at breathing is supposed to sound like so..)
Jake: Not that!
‘Okay its time’
I know women are supposed to be nervous but man. They do so not have to take that long walk up the aisle with alone.
Haley: It’s okay, you’ve got alone with you!
I know I sound like a woman but I was expecting my self to trip and fall flat on my ass.
Lucas: Cause I’m that uncoordinated…
Nathan: Dude have you seen yourself play basketball?

Walking up to the aisle, no matter how terrifying it is, is something that every man should experience.
Man women take a long time getting ready. I have already been waiting here for 20 min.
The church door opens and the first one to come out is Peyton with Nathan than Keith and Jules than Erica Marsh with Mouth.
“Oohh that means that Brooke is next.’
Haley: Ooh! Luke are you excited!
Lucas: Why do I sound like a five year old girl?

Dum Dum Da Dum (wedding march)
Brooke: Like I’d have that at my wedding. Please, it’s so overused!
‘No matter how long I've known her she still managed to take my breath away.’
Haley: What tense are we in?
Brooke: And also, when did this become BL? Maybe there’s still hope for this story…
Peyton: Lucas cheats on you and your won back over by a sappy wedding day? You’re such a softie!
Brooke: (shrugging) What? He thinks I look pretty!

‘Oh my she’s coming up’
Lucas: Now I sound like my mom!
“Everybody we are gathered here today to join Lucas Eugene Scott and Brooke Penelope (I saw that in other people's story so that I what I'm going to use)
Jake: Oh my god just shut up and go away! Seriously what is wrong with this author! We do not need to hear your thoughts constantly, just tell us at the end!
Peyton: Calm down sweetie.
Jake: And she hasn’t even seen the season finale!
Peyton: Well maybe she lives in England?
Jake: Hello! The internet!?

Davis in holy matrimony. Brooke and Lucas have written vows that they would like to share.
‘O boy my turn’
Lucas: What is wrong with my thoughts!! Why do I suddenly come from the 1950s!?
“Brooke, no matter how long we have known each other you still manage to make my life better each and every day. From the small things to surprising me with a bachelor party even though I dint want one.
Nathan: You didn’t want one? Weirdo.
Brooke: I bet I threw a pretty bitchin’ party though…

Brooke I love you and I wow that as long as we live I will keep loving you.
Haley: You wow? Well no wonder you cheated, you didn’t even promise anything!
(Okay his vow was crappy but give me a break this is my first marriage scene)
Jake: (drily) No kidding.
Brooke says her vow (I’m going to hold on to that for a while cause her vow is GOOD. And I’m going to put it in the story when Brooke is looking back)
Peyton: Oh I’m holding my breath.
Do you Lucas Scott take Brooke Davis to be your lawfully wedded wife. In sickness and in health. Till death do u part.
I do.
Brooke: Even though it wasn’t really a question.
Haley: Well I guess if you’ve bought the dress and everything they just assume they don’t really have to ask.

I slide the ring on her finger.
Do you Brooke Davis take Lucas Scott to be your lawfully wedded husband. In sickness and in health. Till death do you part.
I do.
She put the ring on my finger.
By the power vested in me by the state of North Carolina I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.
Haley: You know what I realised? This priest dude is so powerful that he doesn’t even need speech marks! It’s just a voice from above!
‘Kissing Brooke than was amazing. It was the first time after we officially became married.’
Haley: Well duh. When else would that have been?
End Flashback
Jake: Well it says that but then...
We walked out of the hall and danced the night away and than spent two wonderful weeks in Jamaica. After that it was 2 years and than the thing with Haley started.
I really didn’t mean to but…
It’s a stupid excuse but these things happen.
Brooke: Uh, no they don’t! And yes, that is a very stupid excuse.
I don’t love Haley. I never did. I still love Brooke.
And now as I clean up my injuries I vow that I will get Brooke back.
Haley: You sure you don’t wow it?
Nathan: I feel a little cheated her, she said this was going to be a Brathan!
Haley: (raising her eyebrows) You want to rethink that sentence?
Nathan: No…I just mean…not like that! But I’d rather have Brooke than no one.
Brooke: Wow, you sure know how to make a girl feel special.
Jake: Is it over?
Peyton: I think so. Hey where’s Tim?
Nathan: Oh he left right about when Lucas’ flashback started.
Jake: I don’t blame him, I mean, I don’t mind a little fluff, but seriously!
Brooke: That ending sucked.
Lucas: But I vowed to get you back!
Brooke: Like I’d take you back! You cheated on me!
Peyton: Er, Brooke…?
Brooke: Don’t say it!
Jake: It doesn’t matter, it was the end that’s the important thing.
Brooke: Nu uh, I’m gonna do a better one!
Haley: Oh god!
Brooke: No it’s gonna be good, here goes…
Lucas sat down on the couch to check his injuries, he saw that one of them was still bleeding and reached out to get some tissus
Peyton: Shouldn’t that be tissues?
Brooke: I’m trying to match the author’s style. And don’t interrupt.
Suddenly he fell off the couch. THUD.
Lucas: What? How did I do that?
Brooke: Ssh, this is the point.
Lucas opened his eyes blearily and looked around, he could see the edge of his bed next to him and his duvet on the floor beside him. There was a shuffling sound and Brooke stuck her head over the edge of the bed.
“What are you doing?”
He rubbed his head. “I fell out of bed…I just had the weirdest dream…”
Nathan: Brooke…
Brooke: What!? It’s the only decent explanation! Now let me finish, it’s gonna get better.
“Really?” asked Brooke.
Brooke: Oh sorry, that should be
“Really” asked Brooke
“Yeah…you were pregnant, and I cheated on you with Hales.”
“Ew, sounds more like a nightmare.”
Lucas shook his head and he got back on the bed. “It was like I just randomly forgot how completely wonderful and gorgeous you are and how much I love you.”
“Aw Luke, that’s so sweet.”
Haley: Someone make her stop!
“It was so odd” Lucas continued. “Hales was like this total bitch - ”
“Well that doesn’t sound too odd…”
Haley: Brooke!
Brooke: (giggles) Just kidding!
“And Nathan beat me up.”
Brooke nodded slowly. “Crazy. Well you should go back to sleep.”
“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now.”
“Well then we could…”
Haley: Brooke!
Brooke: Okay okay, I’ll save that for the X-rated version. But what do you guys think? So much better, right?
Peyton: Shockingly, that was actually more realistic.
Brooke: (grins) Told ya! Hey maybe I should start writing these things.
All: NO!
Lucas: Actually I wouldn’t mind hearing the X-rated version…
Hope you enjoyed that, please leave a comment! Thanks to Tejal for sending in the story, and of course a big thank you to the author, OTHfan2life8692, without whom none of this would have been possible! ; )

Sun, Sep. 11th, 2005 10:46 pm (UTC)

LMAO! I loved the MST. I'm reading this in bed and I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud. I think my aunt and uncle think I'm crazy because of the random snorts that have been coming from the room.

Loved it.